///Touch Screen Standalone RFID Access Controller HMT-ST68T

Touch Screen Standalone RFID Access Controller HMT-ST68T

Item No: HMT-ST68T
1. Working Voltage: DC12-24V
2. Capacity: 2000 users
3. Card Reading Distance: 1~3cm
4. Dimension: 114x75x16mm

Product Description

The device is a touch screen standalone access control and proximity card reader which supports EM & MF card types. It builds-in STC microprocessor, with strong anti-interference ability, high security and reliability, powerful function, and convenient operation. It’s widely used in high-end buildings, residential communities, and other public places.









1. Touch keypad, numbers backlight
2. 2000 uses, supports Card, PIN, Card + PIN
3. Can be used as a standalone keypad for PIN users
4. Adjustable Door Output time, Alarm time, Door Open time
5. Lock output current short circuit protection
6. Built-in a light-dependent resistor (LDR) for anti-tamper
7. Built-in buzzer
8. Red, Orange and Green LEDs display the working status




Drill hole according to the size of the device and fix the back shell with the equipped screw. Thread the cable through the cable hole. connect the wires according to your required function, and wrap the unused wires to avoid short circuit. After connecting the wire, install the machine. (as shown below)

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