//RFID Laundry Management

RFID Laundry Management

The background of the industry

At present, hotels, hospitals, baths and professional washing companies are facing to deal with  hundreds of thousands pieces of work clothes every year,cloth handling,washing,ironing, sorting,storage process, such as how to effectively track management each piece of cloth washing process, number of washing, inventory status and the effective classification of the linen is a great challenge:
1. The washing task of the paper handover, procedure is complicated, and difficult to query.
2. Due to the fear of cross-infection, some statistics on the amount of linen to be washed cannot be carried out,and the number of washings and tasks are not matched,which may easy to cause the commercial disputes.
3. Each step of the washing process cannot be accurately monitored; the linen is easy to leak and without process.
4. Accurate classification of washed linen can save storage space.
5. Unable to accurately arrange the minimum safe stock for each piece of linen.









The System Introduction

The introduction of RFID technology will enable user’s laundry management more transparent and improve the working efficiency, solve the management problems that can’t be achieved by other technologies such as: large quantities of washing cloth statistics, handover.

The solution is to sew a RFID tag on each piece of cloth. The RFID tag has a unique global ID. That means each piece of cloth will have a unique management mark until the cloth is scrapped (label can be Reuse, but doesn’t exceed the life of the label).Throughout the use of cloth, washing management, using the RFID reader to automatically record the use status and washing times. Batch reading will make the task transfer easy, transparent and reduce business disputes. At the same time, by tracking the washing times, it can estimate the service life of the current cloth and provide the forecast data for the purchase plan.









The System Process
1、Product Identification
By sewing RFID tag to identify each item of cloth. The chip has a globally unique ID and user area, we can write specific attributes of the cloth in the tag, such as clothing owner, the service life of clothing, clothing washing times, clothing models, and so on.
2、Automatic Counting
Include income and outgo inventory. The RFID reader can inventory the whole package of cloth and check with the customer.
3、Automatic Sorting 
Use RFID tags can achieve the sorting and packaging of clean clothes in the washing factory, which can save time and improve efficiency.
4、Washing Frequency Record
The RFID tags can record the frequency of clothes, predict the life of clothes, control the inventory of clothes reasonably, and provide more scientific services to users.


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